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Stripped Down Liturgy – Funeral

I got into a conversation this week about which bits of the Church of England liturgy were “essential” for a service. Although we all have different views of what makes a good service, it’s really interesting to look at the formal liturgy to see what is mandatory and what is not.

So in response to . . . → Read More: Stripped Down Liturgy – Funeral

Chartres and the Roman Rites

Richard Chartres, BIshop of London

Just in case anybody in London Diocese was in any doubt, Chartres has made it very clear.

The Pope has recently issued an invitation to Anglicans to move into full communion with the See of Rome in the Ordinariate where it is possible to enjoy the “Anglican patrimony” as full members of the Roman Catholic . . . → Read More: Chartres and the Roman Rites

Civil Partnerships and the Proposed Changes

I’ve been asked by an Anglican organisation to provide a summary of the proposed changes in the law and their possible implications. Here’s what I’ve produced, but if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Civil Partnerships and the Church of England

Civil Partnerships were introduced in the UK in 2005. . . . → Read More: Civil Partnerships and the Proposed Changes

Two Theologies of Marriage?

Wedding Rings

I want to pick up some of the observations made last week on the Boston Gay marriage and try to move the conversation forward.

In particular, I want to return to the issues of a coherent theology of marriage that were raised from examining the liturgy used in Boston. As you all recall, the Boston . . . → Read More: Two Theologies of Marriage?

Boston Gay Marriage – TEC have Completed the Circle

The Marriage in Boston Cathedral

My thanks to Charlene Smith of the Episcopal Divinity School in the US who has supplied me with a copy of the liturgy used last Saturday for the marriage service in Boston Cathedral.

You can download the service yourself here and the 1979 TEC Prayer Book marriage service is here.

Examining the two liturgies side . . . → Read More: Boston Gay Marriage – TEC have Completed the Circle

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