Month: January 2011

A Conversation…

Here’s a conversation I had recently with someone. Certificate 15, so stop reading now if you’re easily offended (but then why are you here if that’s the case).

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Jonathan Daugherty on Sexual Addiction

A superb interview with Jonathan Daugherty on sexual addiction. I particularly like his description of walking out into a field with his friend to view porn for the first time – he describes the awakening of sexual understanding at a

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Stephen Green Exposed

Not that we want to commend the Daily Mail as a paragon of impartial journalistic integrity, but well done today for exposing the monster that is Stephen Green. Caroline Green was often punished by her husband Stephen for failing to

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HMD 11

Just sent this text to a good friend of mine who has achieved much in these past twelve months, but whose life ultimately is an act of mercy from God. Praying that you get one significant moment today to remember,

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I’m not sexist in the slightest luv

Sorry. Couldn’t resist this one when I saw it. For my non British friends, this explains it all. One question still remains though. Are Sky going to sack whoever thought this up. I mean, that’s not objectivising women in the

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Graeme Archer on the B&B Ruling

As always, Graeme is challenging and insightful. The B&B case. So we have now proven that a quango can criminalise bed and breakfast owners who don’t want gay people to stay in their property (please, no quibbling about the exact

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