Spin, Spin, Spin

Gosh, I do love it when people try to spin things to avoid the obvious. Take for example this wonderful paragraph by Keith Sharpe on his latest Changing Attitude blog.

It is alleged that [Wallace Benn] has on occasions demanded to know if single clergy in his area are having ‘genital relationships’ with lodgers or . . . → Read More: Spin, Spin, Spin

On the Naughty Step

A genius moment in this morning’s interview on BBC Radio Sussex. When I was asked about the news that Lambeth Palace would continue to review child protection issues for Chichester Diocese, my reply was that my four year old son sometimes had to sit on the naughty step when he’d done something wrong. “Chichester Diocese . . . → Read More: On the Naughty Step

The Perfect Couple?

A fascinating piece on the Leadership Journal website. I’m probably violating numerous copyright laws by reproducing most of it, but it’s highly pertinent to the discussions we have here.

Recently, a young couple started coming to our church. They’re very likable. They married a few years ago on the other side of the country, then . . . → Read More: The Perfect Couple?

Changing 5.1.c

A number of proposals for reworking clause 5(1) c of the Women Bishop’s Measure have been published. Here’s the offering by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes.

Therefore, the legislation:

3.1  Must allow women bishops with no element of discrimination, against either them or male bishops who participate in their consecrations, or male clergy who are ordained or consecrated by . . . → Read More: Changing 5.1.c

Everything that is Wrong with some Conservatives

Read the blog post by David Lindsay.

Rape As Most People Understand It And as committed in Manchester.

If Peter Tatchell had his way, then a conviction in this case would be practically impossible, since the age of consent would have been lowered to 14. If anything, the victim would be liable for prosecution for . . . → Read More: Everything that is Wrong with some Conservatives


The main problem with the US and UK music scene is that they are so Anglo-centric they miss out on absolute gems like this.

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