Lenten Rituals

4Thought.TV Covers Transgender Issues

Last week, the short religious slot on Channel 4 that covers the 7pm news featured seven interviews around the area of trans-genderism. As usual with these slots there were seven vignettes of people with differing experiences and opinions.

It’s not possible to embed the videos, so this is a link to Christina Beardsley’s entry and . . . → Read More: 4Thought.TV Covers Transgender Issues

Heirs of Spinoza

A day late. Forgive me.

Heirs of Spinoza

Oh “good” ones, who accept their optimal substance (uncompleted) as a portion of that greater substance;

if blessedness can only come from elevation to a higher status, some day ism

who, I implore, sent Gabriel in the first place?

Is that not the perfect question?

Peter Ould . . . → Read More: Heirs of Spinoza


Blogging might be pretty sporadic over the next few weeks as I sort out a house move to Canterbury, but in the meantime here’s some things to keep you excited…

. . . → Read More: Hiatus

A Promo Video Proposal

. . . → Read More: A Promo Video Proposal

Martin Bashir on Rob Bell

As a follow-up to his interview on MSNBC of Rob Bell, Martin Bashir was himself interviewed on the Paul Edwards programme about that interview. Awesome listening as Bashir demonstrates how Bell consistently misquotes and takes out of context key sections of his argument.

It is an excellent interview which also reveals Bashir’s deep faith in . . . → Read More: Martin Bashir on Rob Bell

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The golden rule for understanding in spiritual matters is not intellect, but obedience
Oswald Chambers


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